March 2012 Newsletter

President’s Message
Hi Everyone!
If you missed our March meeting you missed a good time. It was held at the Rowen’s Mill club house and Theresa Keys from Ride Times came with a ton of great stuff for us to look through and buy. We are so glad she made the trip to see us and hope to have her back again some time! Thanks to Carlene Schiavo for working it out for us to use the club house, it worked out perfectly.
Our April 5th meeting will be held at Fran Levy’s house at 6:30. We will have a pot luck meeting where we will be gearing up for the show season and possibly watching some videos.
Our Ride A Test clinic is April 21st at WinAway. Kim Briele will be judging. This is a great time to get a “test run” in before our first show a few weeks later on May 5th. Allison will be sending out entry forms for both events soon.
There are a lot of shows, clinics, and other events coming up over the next few months on the Eastern Shore with not only our club but other local clubs as well. Check out the calendar in this newsletter to see what’s going on. Let’s get out there to support and promote dressage on the Eastern Shore!

17 members/guests present
Business meeting followed a Ride Times shopping party which was great fun. Meeting called to order at 7:30pm by President Jenny Mlyniec.
Treasurers Report: Closing Balance $870.70
Kim Briele will inventory ribbons on hand so that Jen Pino can submit an order for the upcoming show season.
Daylight savings time begins on 3-11-12.
Next meeting will be Thursday 4-5-12h at 6:30 at the home of Fran Levy. Bring a dish to share, and we will see if there is a DVD available to view that night.
Ride a Test to be held at Winaway Farm in Willards, MD on 4-21-12. Kim Briele to judge. Jen Pino is the manager- please get entries to her one week prior. $25 for 2 rides plus the $15 grounds fee.
There will be a show held by the Bayside Chapter on 3-11-12
There will be a PVDA Show at Kelly McGinn’s farm on 4-28-12, judged by Kim Briele.
Our 1st show of the year is on 5-5-12 at Wicomico Equestrian Center; judge is Jocelyn Pearson. If you are not riding please think about volunteering for the day.
May meeting will be on 5-3-12 and will be a show-ring set up night. Time- TBA.
Plans are still being worked on for a Kathy Rouse Clinic- Maybe sometime in April. Watch your email for more details.
Consideration of obtaining a subsidy from PVDA for a 2 day Kathy Rouse Clinic- a 2/3 month notice is required- more details to come.
Would we like to have another clinic with Aviva Nebesky? If someone is interested in planning one- please do so.

Respectfully submitted,
Amie Blackwell

Here is the list of paid-up members for 2012. If you do not see your name on the list, please use the enclosed renewal form and send in your check. If your check is not received by May 1, you will be dropped from membership. If you need an application form, contact Allison Turner:
Becky Alexander
Amie Blackwell
Diane Bloxham
Kim Briele
Erin Bryan
Ray Carlson
Catherine Casto
Karen Clark
Carol Crowder
Ashley Desjardins
Brittany Flurer
Eileen Kirby
Fran Levy
Chris Martindale
Susie McNair
Jenny Mlyniec
Jen & Nicholas Pino
Shari Rayne
Carlene Schiavo
Amy Schine
Allison Turner
Rebecca, Caroline, Sarah Turner

This is an unusually busy spring horse event season. In addition to our activities, there are shows, clinics, and fun events coming up.

April 21: Winaway Farm. Our annual ride-a-test clinic with Kim Briele judging. Details in the “minutes.”

April 22: Southeast Virginia Dressage Association is holding their “Spring Fling,” a licensed show, in Williamsburg. There are several upper level classes with money prizes, so it should be a good event. for registration forms.

April 28: PVDA schooling show at Prospect Bay Equestrian Center in Graysonville. Enter on-line at

May 27: Hidden Tides Farm in Upper Marlboro is hosting a Fix-a-test Clinic with Linda Zang. $90 for a 30-minute lesson to include riding your test of choice and instruction in perfecting it. Auditors are welcome $30. Includes continental breakfast and lunch. Contact Cheryl Swing 240-463-2787 or

Non-dressage horse things:

April 13-15: Tuckahoe Spring Fling: Annual campout, rideout, with some casual contests and equine seminars.

April 14: Obstacle Course Challenge at Field of Dreams Farm in Berlin. This is an arena event, not cross-country. Horses and riders have a series of challenges to deal with on a pre-set course in the arena. Things like people opening umbrellas, having to open and close a mail box, walk across a mattress. 443-513-0971 or

April 15: Wicomico Hunt is holding a Paper Chase series this spring. It’s a cross country ride (jumps optional) with competitors collecting items along the way. There is an optimal time for completion of the course, but if you are not competitive (or you get lost a lot), it’s a nice hack for you and your horse. First Chase is April 15 at Fox Trappe Farm in Trappe. Others are May 5 in Secretary and May 20 at Tuckahoe Equestrian Center. Details at

May 5: PDA Show at WEC.

May 19: Annual guided ride through Gettysburg Battlefield. Fundraiser for the organization which maintains the trails for the National Park Service.



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January 2012 Newsletter

President’s Message

Happy New Year! It’s so hard to believe it’s 2012. Peninsula Dressage already has lots of events planned for the upcoming year and we are excited to see our old friends and make some new ones.
Our next meeting will be Feb 2nd at Kim Briele’s house at 6:30. This will be a pot luck meeting where Kim will go over the Training and First Level Dressage tests from the judge’s point of view and highlight some of the areas that most people have problems with and how to ride them for better scores.
Kim is trying to set up clinic with Kathy Rouse for March. There were a couple of possible dates. Once she has confirmed one with Kathy she will let us know. Kathy has become a favorite clinician of ours. We love her positive attitude and many different training excercises. If you have not ridden with her I highly recommend it or at least come out and audit. There is a lot to be learned just watching!
We are planning to have a Ride A Test clinic in April. This is a great way to get ready for the show season by practicing your tests without any of the pressure.
We will be holding 5 schooling shows this year. One will be a PVDA Schooling Show and also our annual Women Supporting Women benefit show.
I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2012.








Allison Turner is accepting checks and membership forms for 2012 Peninsula Membership. 

Membership cost is $15.00.  Also, be sure to renew your PVDA memberhips.

February Meeting will be 2-2-12 at Kim’s house.  Bring a dish to share.  Topic will be Test Problem Area Trouble Shooting from a judge’s perspective. March meeting may be a “Tupperware” type show offering horse products.

 Kathy Rouse Clinic to be held 3/11/12 or 3/17/12.  Contact Kim Briele for more details.

Ride a Test Clinic- to be held tentatively at Winaway Farm in Willards on 4-21-12.  Kim Briele to judge.

May 3rd will be a Show set up night and meeting

 2012 Show Dates:

May 5th                          WEC                                       Co- managers Kim Briele, Fran Levy, and Chris Martindale

June 16th              Renaissance Stables                 PVDA Schooling Show ; Manager Jenny Mlyniec

July 14th                Winaway Farm                         Co-managers Jen Pino and Fran Levy

Aug 25th                WEC                                       Co-managers Shari Rayne and Erin

Oct 5th                   Winaway Farm                         Women Supporting Women Benefit show

                                                                             Co-managers Jenny Mlyniec and Amy Schine

 Kim will work to get the judges for these shows and hopefully a volunteer judge for our Women Supporting Women Benefit show.

 There will be other PVDA schooling shows on the Eastern Shore this year…in Grasonville on 4-28-12 and in Centreville on 9-8-12.  Ride for Life will be held at the Prince Georges Equestrian Center on 6-23-12 and 6-24-12.  Chapter Challenge will be held at the Prince Georges Equestrian Center on 11-4-12.

Respectfully submitted,

Amie Blackwell

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Newsletter Nov. 2011

President’s Message
It’s hard to believe that the year is already coming to an end. Peninsula Dressage has had a busy and successful year and I would like to thank everyone who has helped out or come out to support us. Without the help of our members and volunteers we would not be able to have all our shows, clinics and other events that we do each year. I am looking forward to next year and all the opportunities that it will bring.
Our club sent 1 team to PVDA’s Chapter Challenge this year. Amy Schine, Amie Blackwell, Chris Martindale, and Theresa Holley went and showed Training Level Tests 2 and 3. In the individual classes Chris Martindale came in 2nd, Amy Schine got a 3rd, Theresa Holley got 5th and Amie Blackwell came in 6th. As a team everyone did well and they placed 3rd overall! This was the first overnight show with their horses for 3 of the members and everyone did great and had a good time. Many thanks to Becky Alexander for making the trip up to help out the night before and be our volunteer on show day. Also a big thank you to Dick Smith for setting up our fantastic safari display. It looked amazing!
Kathy Rouse will be coming to do a clinic at Kim Briel’s Farm on Wed. Nov. 16th. the clinic is full with 8 rides starting at 7:30 and going until 3:00. Auditors are welcome and if you would like to have lunch please bring a dish to share.
We will be having our holiday party on Fri. Dec 9th at 7:00 at Fran Levy’s house. This will be a pot luck dinner. We will have a Chinese gift exchange. If you would like to participate please bring a wrapped gift that costs no more than $15. We will also be handing out Year End Awards. make sure you have got all your scores into Allison and that you have completed your volunteer time to be eligible.
I hope everyone has safe and happy holidays.



Meeting was called to order at 7:15pm by President Jenny Mlyniec

Treasurers Report: closing amount $1520.05

We are sending one team to PVDA Chapter Challenge this weekend…Amy Schine, Amie Blackwell, Christine Martindale and Theresa Holley riding Training 2 and 3. The decoration theme this year is Jungle/Safari.

(Update on Chapter Challenge.Training 2/3 team was 3rd place. Decorations were beautifully and professionally done- but did not win (again).)

Kathy Rouse Clinic to be held on 11-16-11 at Kim’s indoor. Cost is $60 with a club subsidy. There are 7 confirmed riders and is a possibility to have an 8th rider. Contact Jenny if you are interested.

Kathy Rouse Clinic also to be held on 12-11-11 at Kim’s indoor. Contact Kim for more information.

Year End/Christmas Party will be held on Friday 12-9-11 at 7pm at the home of Fran Levy. This will be a potluck, so bring your favorite holiday dish or dessert. Ham will be provided by Fran. We will have dinner and present year end awards. If you wish to participate our traditional “Chinese” gift exchange, please bring a wrapped gift (not more than a $15 value).

Speaking of year end awards- if you have any scores for the Open Division- submit them to Allison Turner by Friday 11-11-11. You need 5 scores from 3 judges and have put in your volunteer time to qualify for an award.

Officers for 2012 will remain the same: President- Jenny Mlyniec
Vice President- Kim Briele
Recording Secretary- Amie Blackwell
Newsletter- Fran Levy
Treasurer- Jen Pino
Membership/Scores- Allison Turner

2012 Show dates will be determined at our January meeting.

One of our 2012 shows (probably in June at Winaway) will be a PVDA schooling show. PVDA will supply the judge and the ribbons for this show.

Respectfully submitted,
Amie Blackwell

The future of hybrid cars…

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October 2011 Newsletter

President’s Message

Hi Everyone,

Time flies when you are having fun! I can’t believe it is October already.

Our Women Supporting Women benefit show was a success. With donations and entries we raised almost $2000 for WSW. I would like to give a big thank you to Diane Bloxham for her hard work and use of her WinAway Farm. As usual, the place was beautifully groomed and decorated with pink accents everywhere. Diane also won the award for raising the most money. She collected $400 which won her a Smith Island Cakes gift certificate.

We would like to thank Aviva Nebesky who was kind enough to donate her services as our judge for the day. Everyone left feeling encouraged and inspired from her positive and constructive comments.

I would personally like to thank Amy Schine who put in a lot of hours to make this show happen, working as Co-manager, and helping to get the word out to raise as much money as possible.

We had a great day and really appreciate everyone who came out to ride, volunteer, or made a donation to help support this great cause.

We are working on some things for November. Our meeting will be held Thurs. Nov. 3rd at 6:30 at Fran Levy’s house. This will be a pot luck planning meeting to get our Holiday Party organized as well as setting things up for next year. Peninsula Dressage will be sending 1 team to Chapter Challenge on Sun. Nov. 6th. Amie Blackwell, Amy Schine, Chris Martindale and Theresa Holley will be representing our club showing Training Level Tests 2 and 3. Becky Alexander will be going as our volunteer, and our stall decorating theme is Safari. This show is always a good time. Come out and cheer us on at PGEC.

I am trying to set up a clinic with Kathy Rouse for either the 1st or 3rd Wed in Nov. The clinic will be held in Salisbury at Renaissance Stable or at Kim Briele’s Farm. It is currently our plan to have the club subsidize the clinic since we have some extra money in our account at the end of the year. I will send out an email when I have more details. If you would definitely like to ride please email me to reserve a spot.

Peninsula Dressage may also be working with Aviva Nebesky to set up one of our schooling shows as a PVDA schooling show next year. We are considering making our June show a PVDA schooling show. This will hopefully be a great way for our current members to receive scores towards PVDA awards as well as volunteer hours and also to possibly draw some new people out to our shows. We’ll keep you posted as things progress into next year.

Jenny Mlyniec


After expenses, we raised $1817 for WSW. We had 36 sponsors from Salisbury and the surrounding communities helping make this a success. The full list is in this newsletter.




Following dinner at Back Street Grill, President Jenny Mlyniec called the meeting to order at 7:40pm

Women Supporting Women show…this was a small show but the weather was perfect and a fun time was had by all.  The show grounds were beautiful and the judge was constructive and positive.  Cupcakes were for sale and a pink ribbon cupcake-cake was raffled off.  The current report shows we raised $1939.00 for this worthy cause.

Treasurer’s  Report…current report shows we have $1851.05.  New treasurer Jen Pino will reconfirm this figure with the bank.

There will be an open ride to be held at Winaway Farm in Willards MD on Saturday 10-15-11.    There is no charge to use the outdoor dressage ring on this day.  Thank you Diane Bloxham for the offer to enjoy your farm.

Chapter Challenge- we will be sending one team who will ride Training 2 and 3.  Team members are Amy Schine, Amie Blackwell, Chris Martindale and Theresa Holley.  Thank you to our volunteer (s) who are making it all possible.  Stall area decorating contest- our theme this year is jungle-safari.  We have some (almost ) life size resin animals to use in the decorating.  Team members please feel free to bring any jungle safari items to decorate your own stall door.

There are tentative plans to have a Kathy Rouse clinic in November- possibly Nov 2nd or Nov 16th.  Location and cost of the clinic is to be determined.  There may be a possible subsidy from the club.

We discussed the option of having a PVDA Schooling show next year and have tentatively decided to do a PVDA Schooling Show at Winaway Farm in June…and our own schooling show at Renaisance in July. More information to come.

November meeting will be held on 11-3-11 at 6:30pm at the home of Fran Levy.  There will be a covered dish dinner/snacks prior to the meeting…so bring a dish to share.  This will be a planning meeting for the end of year and Christmas party.  Year End Ribbons/awards will be ordered in the month of November also.  Shirt/sweatshirt order will be made soon- possibly by the end of the year.

Respectfully submitted,

Amie Blackwell

Winaway Winter Series

Once again, Winaway Farm is holding a winter show series. The dates are 11/6; 12/11, 1/8, and 2/12. These are very low-key, nicely managed shows that are great for keeping tuned up over the winter, for trying the next level, for introducing students to showing, or just for getting out and riding and keeping up with the gang in the off-season. If you have not received a flyer about the series, shoot a quick e-mail to

Thank -You to Our Sponsors!

Grand Prix Sponsors

Allison Turner

Dover Saddlery

Farmers & Planters Co., Inc.

GeriEd Consulting, LLC

Robert Anderson, Delmarva Wealth Management LLC

Peninsula Dressage

Peninsula Orthopedic Associates

Shelly Benner, Pemberton Paint Horses, INC

Tony & Amy Adrignolo

WinAway Farm

 Intermediare Sponsors

Amie Blackwell

David & Paula Shipley

Fisher’s Popcorn

GNI Properties

Kirk & Tammy Kinnamon

Original Smith Island Cake Company

Richard Smith

Saddle Pals – Friends of Women Supporting Women

 Prix St. Georges Sponsors

Adel’s Sticky Buns, Adel Duke’s Melson

Atlantic Hotel, Ocean City

Autumn Grove Stables

Carlene Schaivo

Carol Crowder

Caruso Pizza, Ocean City — Scott Bruning General Manager

Charlie & Mary Houts

Dave White’s Pittsville Diner

Diane Bloxham, WinAway Farm

Donna Blackwell

Equistar Farm, LLC

Eric Rider, Two Rider Design

Kim Briele – Horse Bridge Farm

Lindsay Moore

Lucky Charm Farm

Richard & Rachael Parolski

Sperry Van Ness – Miller Commercial Real Estate

Squid Nation

With special thanks to our Judge, Aviva Nebesky, who donated her time to this important cause!

Women Supporting Women Benefit Schooling Show

WinAway Farm, Willards, MD  October 1, 2011

Judge:  Aviva Nebesky

Introductory Level tests A & B

1.  Gatsby – Tina Parks  71.25%  B

2.  Gatsby – Tina Parks  67.50%  A

3.  Major Sterling – Amanda Chapo  66.88%  B

4.  Serena – Caroline Turner  65.00%  B

5.  My Messenger – Laura Hopkins  60.63%  A

Introductory Level tests B & C

1.  Serena – Caroline Turner  72.50%  C

2.  Major Sterling – Amanda Chapo  69.38%  B

3.  My Messenger – Laura Hopkins  67.50%  C

4.  My Messenger – Laura Hopkins  65.00%  B

5.  Frasier – Tina Parks  59.50%  C

Training Level A

1.  Moonlight Magic – Amie Blackwell  65.71%  (1)

2.  All The Attention – Theresa Holley  65.36%  (2)

3.  Hakon – Chris Martindale  63.93%  (2)

4.  Elmhurst’s Ariel – Amy Schine  63.60%  (3)

5.  ________ – Theresa Jones  60.83%  (1)

Training Level B

1.  Elmhurst’s Ariel – Amy Schine  69.20%  (3)

2.  Hakon – Chris Martindale  64.40%  (3)

3.  All The Attention – Theresa Holley  63.20%  (3)

4.  Moonlight Magic – Amie Blackwell  61.60%  (2)

First Level test 1

1.  Gulliver – Jen Pino  65.17%

2.  Tough Choice – Erin Bryan  61.38%

3.  Tough Choice – Erin Bryan  61.03%

4.  Gulliver – Jen Pino  60.00%

Introductory Level Champion:

Gatsby – Tina Parks  69.38%


Serena – Caroline Turner  68.75%

Training Level Champion:

Elmhurst’s Ariel – Amy Schine    66.40%


All The Attention – Theresa Holley  64.28%

High Score Senior:

Serena – Caroline Turner  72.50%

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Peninsula Dressage July 2011 Newsletter

JULY 2011

Hi Everyone,

We had a great turnout at the July meeting held at Plaza Tapatia. It is always fun to get together and catch up with everyone. We also confirmed our activities for the upcoming months.

Our July schooling show is this Sat. July 16th at WinAway Farm. Jen Pino is the manager and she said it looks like we will have a nice turnout with over 40 rides. If you are not planning to ride then come out and watch or help out. I know Jen was still looking for some volunteers to score and run. Aviva Nebesky is the judge. She was very popular with everyone last year for her positive attitude and helpful comments. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Our Annual Family Picnic will be at Fran Levy’s house Sun Aug 14th at 1:00. This will be a Pot Luck picnic. The club will provide Fried Chicken and Fran will provide the drinks. We will be having a short business meeting at the picnic in place of our regular 1st Thurs. meeting. This is always a fun event and I hope everyone can make it out.

We also have our Sept. Schooling Show at the Wicomico Equestrian Center and our Women Supporting Women Benefit Show in Oct. to look forward to. Amy Schine will be sending out information for the WSW Show. Please pass it along to all your horse friends/contacts and start going out and collecting donations as soon as possible. We want to make this our best year yet and raise a lot of money for this wonderful cause.

Stay Cool


11 MEMBERS/GUEST PRESENT. Dinner at Plaza Tapatia, Salisbury MD. Meeting was called to order by President Jenny Mlyniec at 8:05pm.

Jessica from the Extension service gave us an update on things coming up later this year: a Pasture Walk in September and a Senior Horse/Winter Care session.

July show upon is us now; appx 40 rides as of tonight. Jen Pino is the show manager and still needs some volunteers to run or score. Please contact Jen if you can help out (and get your volunteer hours in). Judge is Aviva Nebesky (SP), and let’s hope for a cooler day than the July show last year.

4th Annual Peninsula Dressage Family Picnic has been scheduled for Sunday August 14th at 1pm…this will be at the home of Fran Severn on Oliver Drive in Salisbury. The club will provide fried chicken, Fran will provide beverages. Kim will be on the look-out for the tote of paper products. Please bring a dish to share (side dish or dessert). We will also hold our monthly meeting at the end of picnic.

No 1st Thursday meeting in August.

There will be another clinic with Kathy Rouse on 7-31-11 at Kim Briele’s farm. The rides are $80. Contact Kim for more information and to schedule a ride time.

Women Supporting Women Show on 10-1-11. We want to get started now with the fund raising portion of this show. We have some new ideas using donation categories: donate $25 for the Prix St. Georges category, $26-$100 is Intermedaire, $100 or more is Grand Prix level (and gets a business card sized ad). Feel free to wear pink or outfit your horse in pink for the show. Amy Schine will work on getting out an email with details and a revised flyer soon. Also, she will work on getting some gift certificates from Dover Saddlery to use as prizes. Maybe a prize for whoever raises the most money.

The Turner’s have been working on getting us updated with more Peninsula Dressage Logo wear. There will be T-Shirts ($9-$11), Polo Shirts (with the logo only on the front), Sweatshirts with no hood and a ball cap available. Hopefully we can place orders at the August Picnic. These items are great to wear at our Team Event- Chapter Challenge.

Fran Severn volunteered to order ribbons for the shows. Jen Pino has volunteered to take over the duties of club treasurer.

September show also coming up at the Equestrian Center. Show co-managers are Shari Rayne and Chris Martindale. More to come.

Respectfully submitted,
Amie Blackwell




Here is the list of items being offered with the Peninsula Dressage logo. We will be getting the order together this coming weekend, Saturday, July 16, and to the printer on Monday, July 18. Please let us know what you would like via email or you can let us know at the show on Saturday. The prices may vary slightly from the ones listed because the quantity ordered will make a difference in cost.

See you all at the show!
Rebecca & Caroline

Peninsula Dressage logo order
July 2011
T shirt (Gildan) will cost about $9 – $11
sizes- XS-2XL colors- daisy, ash grey, heather indigo, heather cardinal, light pink, white The logo will be on the left side of the chest and full on the back.
polo type shirt (Hanes) will cost about $17 – $20
sizes- S-2XL colors- daffodil*, white, stone washed green, pale pink* * not available in mens The logo will be on the left side of the chest only. It will not be on the back of the polos.
sweatshirt without hood or pouch pocket (Gildan) will cost about $20 – $22
sizes- S-5XL colors- sport grey, serene green, indigo blue, light pink
The logo will be on the left side of the chest and full on the back.
ball caps with velcro (Anvil) will cost about $10 – $14
colors- sunshine, flamingo, taupe

From Anne Thibo with Bayside Chapter: “Colleen Kelly” well known Clinician at Breezy Run Farm August 19-21. Don’t miss it, ride or audit. Strong focus on seat and balance of rider position. She’s flying in from Australia to conduct some clinics in the region and teach certification classes. Call Vicki at Breezy Run Farm in Church Hill. (I saw her at the MD Horse Expo. Very good information and the ability to transfer her ideas to auditors as well as riders. Worth auditing at least.)

Trail Rides: Redden State Forest in Delaware has good trails and is not infested with bugs in the mornings. The trail takes about 90 minutes to ride. You need to go with someone who knows it, because there are tangents that break off from the main trails. Also looking to go to Fair Hill, Tuckahoe, and Idylwild (near Federalsburg). Call Fran for details. 443-260-2390

July 20: “FEI Competitor Talks about Equine Insurance” 7pm. Tuckahoe Equestrian Center
July 24: CT & Dressage Schooling Show. Rock Hall (Humphrey’s Point)
August 7: PVDA Schooling Show; Chesapeake Dressage
August 13-14: Stefan Peters Clinic; Chesapeake City (Hassler’s)


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Show Dates

Here are the show dates for 2011:
May 7 Wicomico Equestrian Center
June 11 Renaissance Farm
July 16 Winaway Farm
Sept. 10 Wicomico Equestrian Center
Oct. 1 Winaway Farm
Nov. 6 Chapter Challenge, PG Equestrian Center

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PVDA Ride for Life Announces Performers

Upper Marlboro, MD–The Potomac Valley Dressage Association (PVDA) announces the participation of the nationally renowned Barteau family famous for entertaining performances inspired by such productions as the “Lion King” and “Arabian Nights” at the 2010 Dancing Horse Challenge, a charity memorial to Jill Hassler-Scoop. The Barteau family (KYB Dressage) have been featured as the Finale for the Mane Event at USA’s Equitana in Louisville KY, have performed at Madison Square Gardens, The TODAY Show, Equine Affair’s Pfizer Fantasia and many other locations.
The 2010 Dancing Horse Challenge on Saturday June 26 additionally features a exciting pas de deux from top competitors Betsy Steiner and Belinda Nairn-Wertman, a moving tribute by champion rider Barb Strawson, live music, and top national and international FEI competitors performing their FEI freestyles.

The PVDA Ride for LifeTM Dancing Horse Challenge has become one of the largest equestrian freestyle performances in the Mid-Atlantic Region popular with both the sport horse and non-equestrian communities. The event, which takes place at the Prince George’s Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, has raised approximately $250,000 for Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center.

Dover Saddlery and Nutrena Feeds return as platinum sponsors. Debbie McDonald is slated to return as the celebrity guest.

For more information about the PVDA Ride for Life™, including buying tickets, becoming a sponsor or donating to the cause, visit or contact Marne Martin-Tucker at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Equimedia Communications at 978-257-0567 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

PVDA Ride for Life™ is a member of the Signature Dressage Series. For more information on the Series, visit .

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